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The Screenplay

As a film student I learned that a story is told three times: when the screenplay is written, when the director shoots it, and when the editor/producer edits it. Well, this might be the part of my journey where I was trying to write the screenplay of my career. See what came out of it:

L.A. Film School Application Reel

This is a sample of different projects I worked on while in college and shortly after graduation:
Production Design for the short “Catexis” by Pedro Curbelo; as well as other class projects.
Pepsi Trooper - A summer program that required a group of TV & Film students to travel around the country to record people on the street showcasing their talents, all for the chance to be in a Pepsi commercial.
Assistant Director and P.A. for a series of video workshops on classical instruments for the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra Foundation (The System).

The Big Hit

The script for The Big Hit started long before L.A. Film School. It was Melissa Wolf’s (awarded theater director, actress, and friend) original idea for a class exercise.
  We developed the first draft together and, later on I worked on a few more versions. When I arrived at film school it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get it produced.
  True to his awesomeness as a friend and mentor, I even got Carlos Luis Rodriguez to be my D.P.; and then, the rest of my amazing cast and crew seemed to have followed suit for this particular process to become reality.
  Here is not just the film itself but also the behind the scenes of my first project as a director. It is simply a peek into an incredible journey of mine...

Short film “The Open Window”

Based on a short story by the British author Saki, The Open Window is a mischievous, mystery tale.
  This is the 1st project I ever directed and it was part of a class exercise during my film immersion program.
  The rules of the exercise were simple:
To be entirely shot in the school’s sound stage
The set could not take longer than a couple of days to build
To use only classmates as crew
The entire scene/story had to be shot in one day

Behind the Scenes Stills

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